Product FAQ

Siding  FAQ

1. Why should I re-do the siding on my home?

Changing the siding on your home is beneficial in many ways. Not only does it increase the value of your home, but it can be an energy saving feature as well. Most types of siding installed by BHI Exterior keep the warm air trapped in the winter and keep your home cool in the summer.  New siding also softens exterior noises making your home quieter and more comforting. BHI Exterior sells a variety of different styles and colors of siding each with the ability to dramatically change the exterior look of your home.

2. What kind of payment options is available to me with BHI Exterior?

BHI Exterior offers a variety of payment options and will tailor any exterior project to fit your budget requirements. We want your exterior home renovation with BHI Exterior to be a positive one. In addition, we offer 100% financing.

3. How long can I expect my new siding to last?

Your siding should last a lifetime. BHI Exterior offers a lifetime warranty on all material, parts and labour.  This lifetime warranty is meant to offer all our clients peace of mind and demonstrates our commitment to providing the best customer service possible. In addition, this lifetime warranty is fully transferable should you decide to sell your home.

4. What kind of up keep is required for siding?

Vinyl and aluminum siding requires little to no up keep. Vinyl siding in particular is easy to care for. It is highly durable, dent-resistant and each siding panel has solid color throughout so it never needs painting. Vinyl siding will not chip, does not peel and will not rot. Maintenance and repairs are easy and not time consuming. Rinsing your siding occasionally with hose to remove any dirt or debris is usually all that is required to maintain your new siding.

5. Is it expensive to change all the siding on my home?

The price to replace the siding on your home varies depending on the amount of siding required as well as the type of siding, color options etc. At BHI Exterior we conduct our projects with your budget in mind.  We want you to have an extremely positive experience with your next exterior renovation project.

6. What kind of warranty do I get with BHI when I re-do my siding?

BHI Exterior will warranty your entire project for life. If you have any issues either with the product, the installation or require a service of any kind, call us. BHI Exterior has an outstanding reputation for providing excellent after care service. When you call us, we endeavour to complete our repairs in a timely manner and to your complete satisfaction. We pride ourselves on being one of the only siding contractors who offer this type of warranty and service long after your project is complete.


7. What is the most popular type of siding being installed by BHI today?

BHI Exterior currently installs more vinyl siding today than anything else. The reason for this is simply the affordability of vinyl siding, the low maintenance factor as the variety in color and styles of vinyl siding. *Gentek vinyl siding, which is the siding installed by BHI, offers a broad range of products to fit every design and budget. You can choose from a variety of profiles in Dutch Lap, Clapboard, and Board and Baton with textured finishes and a wide variety of colors, including hues, textures and a host of color options.  (2013 Gentek Building Products)

Windows FAQ

1. What kind of warranty will I get from BHI Exterior on my new windows?

BHI Exterior offers a lifetime warranty on all material, parts and labour. This lifetime warranty is also fully transferable, increasing the re sale value of your home. BHI Exterior prides itself on having superb after care service. The windows that BHI Exterior installs in your home are manufactured superbly in order to provide years of worry free enjoyment.

2. What choices are available to me in terms of windows?

BHI Exterior only sells Gentek Regency High performance vinyl and aluminum windows.  Regency vinyl windows have unsurpassed quality, functional beauty and maintenance freedom all in custom styles to masterfully compliment your home’s architecture. (2013 Gentek Building Products)

3. When I purchase windows from BHI Exterior, what is included in the price? How do I maintain them?

When BHI Exterior installs new windows in your home, we install the windows, hardware and all the interior as well as exterior finishing’s including trim. The maintenance on new vinyl windows is minimal. Unlike wood windows, they do not need to be painted or stained. They open easily for cleaning and come with high-performance operating hardware the almost never needs replacement.

4. I need to change all the windows in my home but cannot afford to do it all at once. Do I have options?

At BHI Exterior we endeavour to help you realize your exterior project and will work with your budget. Alternatively, your window replacement could be completed in stages. This is something we offer our clients to ensure their peace of mind and ease. In addition, we do offer 100% financing.

5. What energy efficient options should I be aware of?

All Gentek windows installed by BHI Exterior feature Low E and Argon glass. Low E glass provides a barrier against UV rays which can fade your carpet, furniture, drapes and even woodwork. Argon glass is colorless, non flammable, non toxic and helps to increase the energy efficiency of a window. It can also act as a noise barrier making your home quieter and more comfortable.  All energy efficient windows with Low E and Argon glass sold by BHI Exterior will have the Energy Star label affixed to them. This distinct program promotes both environmental and economic energy benefits. (2013 Gentek Building Products)

6. What window styles and colors does BHI Exterior offer?

The Gentek Regency vinyl window offers a variety of styles such as single and double hung windows, casements, bay and bow windows, awning windows, picture windows and sliders. In addition, BHI Exterior can custom design windows to suit your specific needs or requirements. All our windows are available in 7 standard colors such as Maize Pebble, Storm etc or can be matched to any exterior trim color. Similarly, Gentek Regency windows offer a variety of different grill patterns and glass patterns to suit each and every home.

7. How long does it take to install new windows in my home and is this something that needs to be done only in certain seasons?

Most window replacements can be completed in several days and the season of installation is irrelevant. Our window technicians can superbly remove and re-install windows without any inconvenience to the home owner.